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JS-Sorcerer 2.0 JavaScript Tool now Supports Command-Line

By Cate
on July 20, 2006

DHI Technologies this week announced the release of JS-SorcererTM 2.0, a JavaScript development tool for web developers who write complex applications. The previous version of JS-Sorcerer was exclusive to Eclipse-based IDE users. This release also targets non-IDE users familiar with command line interface and utilities such as make that automate the process of converting files from one form to another.

JS-Sorcerer is an integrated set of software development tools. JS-Sorcerer performs syntax checking, variable type and flow analysis on JavaScript files, and provides type-safe linking of multiple JavaScript files for a single web page or an application. The product enables developers to write cross-browser code by making use of a standard interface to ECMAScript, W3C DOM, and XMLHttpRequest (AJAX) objects.

New features include driver programs to compile and link JavaScript and HTML files for creating web applications. The result is a single file containing all relevant files that make up the application. Another utility takes this file, and explodes it into a specified web application structure for publishing to a web server. Other features include a program to compute inter-file dependencies for accurate and complete JavaScript code analysis, and a library archival function to enumerate, add and remove entries, and control the order of JavaScript libraries.

JS-Sorcerer 2.0 is now available for purchase and download on the DHI website at http://www.dhitechnologies.com A single user license is $199 including access to a support forum and product updates for six months. A 15-day free evaluation is available.