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InterAKT Strengthens Its Corporate Relations With Macromedia

By Cristian Dorobantescu
on June 25, 2004

InterAKT Online develops a PowerPack for the next major release of ColdFusion MX - codenamed Blackstone.

Bucharest, ROMANIA - June 11, 2004 - InterAKT Online, the leader of the Dreamweaver Extensions market, announced today that it signed a contract with Macromedia, Inc. (Nasdaq: MACR) for developing a collection of enhancements and extensions for Macromedia Dreamweaver that would be installed on top of Dreamweaver MX 2004 and deliver improved ColdFusion features.

Through the initial planning phases for the ColdFusion Blackstone release, a number of IDE related items have been identified as critical to the success of a new ColdFusion user. Through consultations between the ColdFusion and the Dreamweaver team a couple of items have been identified that could be delivered via configuration settings and through the Dreamweaver extensibility API - without needing to modify the core Dreamweaver product codebase.

InterAKT Online has been chosen as a partner for developing this suite.

"There are a couple of features that will just make life easier for everyone" says Tim Buntel, Product Manager for Macromedia ColdFusion Server referring to this project. "Hopefully, our Blackstone DW extensions will make many issues a problem of the past. One for example will allow the DW recordset wizard to create databound CFCs that look and feel to the DW user just like any other recordset. And any other DW function that uses recordsets (server behaviors and so forth) will work, too. Beautiful!" adds Mr. Buntel.

In addition to this Alexandru Costin, Chief Executive Officer of the MX Division within InterAKT mentions that "We are very pleased to work closely with Macromedia in order to improve Dreamweaver MX 2004. Weve worked hard to be recognized as the most innovative company in terms of extensions development, and this tight relationship is the long-awaited award. ColdFusion and Dreamweaver programmers will be able to enjoy now a suite of features that will surely ease their work."

InterAKT has an excellent track in extending the Macromedia Dreamweaver MX platform for professional dynamic website development, as it has worked since year 2000 to create tools for dynamic websites developers. InterAKT has become Macromedia Complementary Technology and Solution Provider Partner in November 2003 and since its relations with Macromedia are strengthening it is right now in the process of getting the most praised partnership level Macromedia grants - the Premier Partnership.

ABOUT MACROMEDIA Macromedia ( www.macromedia.com ) empowers millions of designers and developers to create effective user experiences across the widest array of platforms and devices. Through an open, integrated family of client, tool, and server technologies, Macromedia is driving a new generation of rich Internet applications that will radically improve the Internet experience.

ABOUT INTERAKT InterAKT Online ( www.interaktonline.com ) is a company that creates professional tools for dynamic website development. It was founded in 2000 and is selling its products and services to all around the world. They were the first and only company to implement support for PHP in Ultradev 4 and they still support an alternative Server Model for Dreamweaver MX/2004 for enterprise PHP development (PHAkt), along with a comprehensive suite of commercial products (MX Kollection).