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Incursio Announces PHP Software License Manager

By Scott Burkett
on September 20, 2001

Incursio, Inc., a leader in providing innovative e-business solutions, announces the upcoming release of its Subscriptio software license management system, targeted specifically at the PHP web development platform.

“The PHP platform has come a long way since its inception in the mid 1990s”, says Scott Burkett, Founder and CEO of Incursio. “With the strong push of PHP in the corporate marketplace as an affordable and stable development platform, we recognized the need for software developers in these markets to protect their innovations with electronic software licensing. Subscriptio uniquely fills this gap by allowing developers of PHP software applications to “key-enable” their applications, significantly reducing the risk of illegal copying, key sharing, and other such activities. With an estimated $12 billion worldwide lost each year due to software piracy, this has the added benefit of contributing to the financial welfare of our customers”.

Subscriptio is a sophisticated enterprise tool that makes it easy for software developers to control when and how their software is to be used. Subscriptio manages the entire lifecycle of the electronic software licensing effort, from generating dynamic, complex encryption schemes to managing customers and their purchased licenses. Existing PHP applications can be key-enabled in a matter of minutes using the Subscriptio API.

“The potential uses of Subscriptio go far beyond facilitating simple software registration compliance. It can also be useful for software “rental/leasing” situations such as ASPs, or for assigning licenses to uniquely identify each copy of the software, or even allowing you to remotely specify the number of users for a site license, to give a few examples”, adds Burkett.

Through its innovative LicenseCop technology, Subscriptio also provides an unprecedented level of visibility across a base of installed licenses. Burkett adds Software developers can now do really interesting things with their intellectual property, including remote license revocation and removal.

Founded in 2001 by Scott Burkett, Incursio is a leading provider of technology solutions for e-business companies. A veteran of the United States Army, and a former technology executive with iXL and Cambridge Technology Partners, Burkett created Incursio to serve as a model for the next-generation solution provider.

For more information, visit http://www.incursio.com/products/subscriptio, or contact [email protected].