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ImpAKT 2.7.3 – Bringing improved productivity to Cold Fusion developers

By Cristian Dorobantescu
on March 10, 2004

ImpAKT2 is a Dreamweaver suite of extensions that improves Dreamweaver MX to allow developers create complex websites. With the ImpAKT server behaviors and commands, you will be able to create forms with image and file upload capabilities, image resize on the server, send mail on submit, create complex user registration capabilities to your website and many more. Our product relies on the tNG (InterAKT Transaction Engine), which allows you to create complex application login visually, using the Dreamweaver server behaviors.

We've managed to bring all this power to ColdFusion Dreamweaver developers. The release of this distribution marks a milestone for the Dreamweaver ColdFusion community because every CFM developer will be able to create real complex websites within Dreamweaver MX, without writing manual code blocks.

In addition to porting to Cold Fusion, we have also: --unified the PHP and ColdFusion extensions - we provide a single MXP file for all server models; --unified the server model licensing - ImpAKT2 ships now for USD 100 for all server models; --integrated KTML3 Lite and thus brought you the power of this demo edition of one of the most praised online editors on the market; --repaired many known bugs; --performed many GUI changes for a more usable experience.

See more about ImpAKT2 and download the demo to see how you can create complex web forms with ease: http://www.interakt.ro/products/ImpAKT/