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IMAP Mail Reading With PHP3

By Mark Musone
on July 30, 2000

Don’t you hate it when you are at a friend’s house or visiting
relatives and you want to check your email but dont know your POP/IMAP
settings. Or even worse, they dont have your POP or IMAP software?
Web based email seems to be the talk of the Net lately. Heres how to
use PHP to make a quick, simple and effective IMAP or POP mail reader.
Once this is done, you can now be able to read your email from
anywhere in the world with only a web browser.
The first necessity is to make sure that you have an available IMAP
server. you can get the UW imap server and libraries from
ftp://ftp.cac.washington.edu/imap/ (you will need the libraries to
compile into php anyway, so you might as well install the IMAP server
that comes with it also)
Once you have a running IMAP server and PHP compiled with IMAP
support (make sure you read the PHP docs on how to compile PHP with
imap), the rest is easy!