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iDriver 1.00 Public Beta Released

By Jared Davis
on August 10, 2001

iDriver is an open source (GPL) PHP framework for developing database oriented applications.

iDriver makes writing database-oriented applications faster and easier by providing a powerful, extensible set of user-interface components. These components provide highly functional user interfaces, with a high level of security checking.

iDriver also handles database access at a generic level, freeing the programmer from repeatedly writing queries to insert, update, and delete records. However, the programmer is still free to define logical restrictions (sanity checking, input validation, etc.) before database manipulation is done.

iDriver was initially developed under the auspices of the University of Nebraska at Omaha Library, and the first iDriver-based application received the American Library Association’s Gale Group Award for Excellence in Reference and Adult Library Services for 2001.

iDriver’s web site is:
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