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iConductor(tm) Adds Security and Access Control

By Tara Rinke
on June 26, 2003

Farpointer Technologies, Inc. has announced new features for its iConductor Apache Server Module that provide easy to implement security and access control for website directories and files.

Web designers or application developers can implement iConductor’s comprehensive access control features without involving systems administrators or using complicated LDAP servers.

Access to directories or files can be controlled globally at the directory level all the way down to the file content level. Additional security levels may be ascribed to any file or portions of a file to allow or disallow instructions contained therein. This permits complex business rules to be implemented based on authentication or users actions. These important new features reinforce Farpointer’s mission of simplifying the building process for custom Internet business applications.

One advantage iConductor possesses is that it augments other development tools and systems rather than competing with them. iConductor retrieves, integrates, manipulates and displays information from multiple sources, and passes this information back and forth among applications, making it an ideal platform for distributed applications.

A shareware version of iConductor and an online demonstration are available at www.i-conductor.com.

Farpointer Technologies, Inc. is an innovative provider of eBusiness enabling software and services. Farpointer’s products and services simplify the integration and automation of eBusiness processes, helping companies bring end-to-end functionality to their Internet initiatives in the shortest possible time frame and at a cost far below that of competing solutions. Farpointer is committed to developing the highest quality in hosting and development tools as added value modules for the Apache server. A privately held company headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Farpointer has offices in Tulsa and Dallas. For additional information or to consult with a Farpointer representative, call 877-676-3249, extension 21, or visit www.farpointer.com.