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FlexPHPNews Pro

By milly
on July 17, 2003

Version: 0.0.1

Type: Full Script

Category: Other

License: GNU General Public License

Description: FlexPHPNews Pro is a simple, free and open source news admin system. You can add multi-level sub-categories. Users can search the news by keywords, rate the news or send the news to friends.Feature article ,Site statistics and News archive are available.Easy for internationalization. All the news are printable.Multiple pictures uploads for the news is allowed.Low price customization service is provided.


Written in PHP+Mysql, FlexPHPNews Pro is a simple, free and open source website news admin system. Features:
1.You can add multi-level sub-categories. 
2.All the text in this program is put in one file. Once you edit this file, you can generate a new language version or customize the text in your program. 
3.Site statistics.
4.You can upload multiple pictures for the news.
5.Feature article in every catalog.
6.Users can search the contents of the news by keywords 
7.Users can rate for the news.
8.Users can send the news to friend.
9.News archive by date.
10.Printable version of the news.

//Database settings

$DBName = "dingyenews";
$DBUser = "root";
$DBPassword = "";
$DBHost = "localhost";
$baseurl = "";

//Front Language settings
$front_charset = "iso-8859-1";
$front_previouspage = "Previous page";
$front_nextpage = "Next page";
$front_submititle = "Title";
$front_categories = "Categories";
$front_indextitle = "Index";
$front_searchresult = "Search result";
$front_searchsubmit = "Search";
$front_latestnews = "Latest news";
$front_more = "More";
$front_rateit = "Rate it";
$front_rating = "Rating";
$front_letmerateit = "Let me rate it";
$front_ratebest = "best";
$front_ratesubmit = "Rate!";
$front_adddate = "Date of this item added";
$front_source = "Source of this article";
$front_timesread = "times read";
$front_printstory = "print story";
$front_sendtofriend = "send to friend";
$front_choosedate = "Please choose the date: ";
$front_sendsubmit = "Send";
$front_friendname = "Your friend's name";
$front_friendemail = "Your friend's email";
$front_yourname = "Your name";
$front_comment = "Comment";
$front_newssent = "News has been sent to your friend.";

$front_latestonhomerecord = 10;
$front_latestoncatarecord = 20;
$front_searchresultrecord = 20;
$front_catnewsonhomerecord = 5;
$front_catnewsoncatarecord = 5;

//Admin Language settings
$admin_charset = "iso-8859-1";
$admin_url = "URL";
$admin_ok = "OK";
$admin_back = "Back";
$admin_add = "Add";
$admin_name = "Name";
$admin_del = "Del";
$admin_previouspage = "Previous page";
$admin_nextpage = "Next page";
$admin_news = "News";
$admin_delconfirm = "Really want to delete it?";
$admin_yes = "Yes";
$admin_no = "No";
$admin_edit = "Edit";
$admin_adminindex = "Admin index";
$admin_next = "Next";
$admin_reset = "Reset";
$admin_description = "Description";
$admin_adminsystem = "Admin system";
$admin_admin = "Admin";
$admin_welcome = "Welcome to admin system";
$admin_existing = "Existing";
$admin_opreation = "Opreation";
$admin_save = "Save";
$admin_picture = "Picture";
$admin_install = "install";
$admin_databasename = "Database Name";
$admin_databaseuser = "Database User";
$admin_databasepass = "Database Password";
$admin_databasehost = "Database Host";
$admin_adminemail = "Admin Email";
$admin_databasesetting = "Database setting";
$admin_setadminpassword = "Please choose username and password for administrator";
$admin_username = "username";
$admin_password = "password";
$admin_loginfail = "Wrong username or password";
$admin_login = "log in";
$admin_linkadded = "link added";
$admin_constisnotwriteable = "const.inc.php is not writeable,please change its permission";
$admin_catalogadmin = "Category admin";
$admin_newsadmin = "News admin";
$admin_parentcatalog = "Parent category";
$admin_catalogalreadyexist = "Category already exist";
$admin_catalog = "Category";
$admin_isdisplay = "Is displayed?";
$admin_none = "none";
$admin_title = "Title";
$admin_content = "Content";
$admin_viewnumber = "Hits";
$admin_rating = "Rating";
$admin_ratenumber = "Rate number";
$admin_source = "Source";
$admin_sourceurl = "Source URL";
$admin_installedurl = "URL this script will be installed";
$admin_isfeatured = "Is featured";
$admin_introtext = "Intro text";
$admin_senttimes = "Sent times";
$admin_descending = "descending";
$admin_ascending = "ascending";
$admin_statistics = "Statistics";

$help_source = "If your text is from other source.";