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Easy and Different PHP Application Development System.

By Chirag Ahmedabadi
on October 7, 2004


There are some common issues among all the programmers like Redundant coding, Communication with designers and getting what you wish, code mess-up by designers, layout design, doing same JavaScript validation again and again by copy/paste, doing coding for same module for each project, for example registration and login system.

We have tried to address all such issues and found the solution to some of the problems the best we can and we named this system as Akaar.

So what is Akaar?

We are not yet sure what we should call this system? Framework? Architecture? Development Environment? Or API?

You can call this anything you like. What we can tell you is, it is an endeavour towards addressing few issues like mentioned above. We have tried to solve all this issue and also added few features that can really enhance the development work dramatically.

What is new?

Akaar is really something different and it has few features, which makes it quite new and unique. I am not saying that it is prefect but it is different.

However, let me list out and explain some features of Akaar that makes it different.
<ul><li>BackFire (Kind of PostBack with PHP)</li>
<li>Akaar Value Insertion </li>
<li>Automated Client Side Validation and JavaScript validation by PHP code (Function)</li>
<li>Layout Management</li>
<li>Display Control</li>
<li>Customized Cache with great options</li></ul>

Details are located at