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DHI launched JavaScript Reporter tool for AJAX and Web 2.0 A

By Mona T. Han
on December 12, 2006

DHI Technologies, Inc. recently launched JavaScript Reporter, a JavaScript development tool which provides assistance for building interactive Web 2.0 and AJAX applications.

Reporter detects and reports JavaScript errors at compile time, eliminating the need to invoke a browser simply to catch syntax and typographical errors. In one step, it performs syntax checking, variable and function type analysis, and program flow analysis on JavaScript files.

Reporter examines expressions in JavaScript source files for consistent type usage. It performs deep code analysis and infers the types by analyzing usage in all related files. Reporter comes with a DOM dictionary that allows it to check if a program accesses a browser primitive with the wrong arguments or uses the return value incorrectly. It also allows the DOM Dictionary to be modified to meet custom site requirements.

JavaScript Reporter plugin for Eclipse integrates the this JavaScript development tool within the Eclipse framework.

For more information, visit: http://www.dhitechnologies.com/products/reporter/.