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BadBlue PHP server for Windows 2.41 released

By Dave Minor
on August 7, 2003

BadBlue – http://badblue.com – is an easy, free personal web server for Windows designed specifically to support PHP in a tiny footprint. The entire download is less than 500K, installs to a single folder, runs in the system tray and can be configured to run PHP (with its built-in PHP Wizard) in less than 30 seconds.

BadBlue is an easier alternative to Apache and other, more complex web servers for personal PHP training, development and deployment.

BadBlue includes the ShareOffice source-code library for PHP, which provides simple functions that can convert an entire Excel spreadsheet into HTML; converters for Word and Access are also supported. The ShareOffice library can run on any PHP-enabled server (e.g., Apache on Linux); this central server can connect to remote desktop PC’s running BadBlue to search, download and publish Office content easily – no matter where on the network it may be located.

New features in BadBlue 2.41 include:

– Password-protect the search function, including full-text search and regular (file name) search; you can now protect the privacy of the site by preventing anonymous users from seeing search result file names

– Automatic photo album (thumbnail image) support in each virtual directory listing; each subfolder now has an accompanying camera icon – if the user clicks on the camera, the subfolder listing is rendered in photo album mode (thumbnail images of any JPG files in the folder)

– Easier dynamic DNS support – BadBlue supports free DNS naming through dyndns.org; the new version automatically updates your chosen DNS name for the file search function

If you need a personal web server to run PHP on a Windows PC easily… or if you want to create powerful PHP applications that integrate with the Windows and Office… get the free download of BadBlue Personal Edition 2.41 at http://badblue.com/down.htm