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Advanced Image Editing Under the GD Library Page 3

By Brandon “Mordecai” Cash
on May 26, 2003


Outlining text is also fairly simple to do. If you think about it, an outline is just drawing the text left and right, above and below the main text, then drawing the main text over it. This theoretically works with every font because it moves one pixel at a time. To create an outline, you need only know the width of the outline, then write a for loop:


function imagettftextoutline(&$im,$size,$angle,$x,$y,&$col,

$outlinecol,$fontfile,$text,$width) {

// For every X pixel to the left and the right

for ($xc=$x-abs($width);$xc<=$x+abs($width);$xc++) { 

// For every Y pixel to the top and the bottom

for ($yc=$y-abs($width);$yc<=$y+abs($width);$yc++) { 

// Draw the text in the outline color

$text1 imagettftext($im,$size,$angle,$xc,$yc,$outlinecol,$fontfile,$text); 



// Draw the main text

$text2 imagettftext($im,$size,$angle,$x,$y,$col,$fontfile,$text); 



By calling imagettftextoutline($img,40,0,10,50,$red,$black,"arial.ttf","AaBbCcDd",3), we get an image like this:
ABCDEF Picture