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A new freeware PHP IDE

By Lorant Toth
on August 30, 2000

PHP Coder

It is a new Freeware PHP Integrated Development Environment for PHP authors running on all Win32 machines with Ms IE3>.

But unlike many of the other PHP coding utilities out there it has to offer some more functionality especially for PHP builders.
The PHP Interpreter and the PHP documentation are tightly integrated, so it is possible to preview web pages with inline PHP as your site’s visitors will see them in their browsers. It uses the Win32 PHP CGI Exe to process the page and will display the result (in pure HTML then) in the Internal Preview Window. This is kind of WYSIWYG 😉 The documentation is also integrated, PHP Coder will parse it and display the whole contents in a tree view and display the topics in the Internal Preview window. You can also searh it and PHP Coder can find the current keyword you’re typing via shortcut if you like too, so you can look up function parameters and descriptions while you are working without searching the docs. You can also define frequently used text constructs and assign a token to those, then you type that token and it’ll expand to the text (so you can type ‘scr’ instead of ‘<script language…&gt;</script&gt;).

Well, this is just a first release without a lot of testing, so please just try it, maybe you even like it 😉 Anyway, I am really open for suggestions!! Tell me what you want to see! You can reach me at [email protected]

For more information, downloads, … please visit http://phpcoder.stsoft.cjb.net/